the genesis

Okay, here is how it all started:

I was walking down a beautiful, white sand beach on Australia’s eastern coast with my dear friend Felix talking about how we’d both like to give back to our homeland (South Africa) in some way. I had tried with a goat farming project in the Northeastern Cape, but nothing had come of it. At some point in our conversation, the topic of penis pumps came up (talking about one’s homeland always seems to bring up penis pumps, does it not?).

Turns out that a certain person had had some positive experience with one and this certain someone swore up and down that it did indeed enlarge his knob, and this is when a certain genius struck: we’d make a documentary about penis enlargement. We’d research the non-surgical types of penis enlargement, we’d find the most promising and then we’d find men (small, medium or large) willing to supersize themselves on film. And it wouldn’t end there: we’d found our way to give back to our homeland.

We’d find sponsors to sponsor the participants for every inch (or fraction thereof) just like one does for the AIDS ride or the Walk for Cancer and then we’d donate the money to a South African charity. Et voila, it was that simple! The next thing we did was to research the ever expanding field of penis enlargement, and, boy, is it a whopper. Who knew that our penises were so small and that our entire being rested on our penis size. (No wonder I wasn’t top of my class). We searched high and low for the device or treatment that would have the greatest effect as the end goal (other than trying to find out why men are so fascinated by size and whether it really matters to women) is to raise as much money as possible for helping AIDS orphans in South Africa. (For example, Boomerang Project and Wola Nani). And so we discovered the penis rack, I *mean* extender, ( for example go to