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INCHES FOR CHARITY is looking for a few good men who want to take part in a non-surgical penis enlargement regime. This will require a 6-month commitment, as well as the keeping of a video diary to document the experience.

A cast of each participant’s penis will be made at the beginning and end of the regime. The casts will then be compared to see if enlargement has occurred. ONE NEED NOT EVER PHOTOGRAPH ONE’S ACTUAL PENIS. Penis enlargement products and product support will be provided throughout the regime.

The INCHES FOR CHARITY men will be the “meat” of the film. The personal stories that will unfold during the regime will help demystify and de-stigmatize the quest for a larger penis.

INCHES FOR CHARITY will take you to the ends of the earth on a provocative and emotional wild ride that ultimately leaves you with the answer to the question: Is Bigger Better?

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The 6 month regime will start in early 2012. We are in the process of interviewing participants. If you think you have what it takes, discipline and dedication, to complete the 6 month enlargement regime, please contact us at the email address below:

Contact Nicholas: nicholas@inchesforcharity.org

Call us crazy… but crazy gets people’s attention!