Stretch-a-Thon off to a flying start

So the stretch-a-thon got off to a flying start on Valentine’s Day! Only 175 or 360 days left to go (not sure whether I’m going to stretch for 6 months or for a year. We’ll just have to see how it goes.).

A couple of observations: the device is not as uncomfortable as I imagined, though having a cat sit on your lap while you’re stretching can prove to be a tad uncomfortable; use of the foam/temperpedic material is a necessity; I only wear the device for about two hours at a time to avoid my dick going blue (advice from Dr. Levine – thank you); I’m getting more frequent and harder boners; and my recovery time has shrunk rather dramatically. I have no idea whether the last two have anything to do with stretching as I’ve only been at it for five days. Perhaps it’s because my little man is now getting much more attention.

On a weird note, not only did one of the cats piss on the soap mold of my dick, one of them pissed on the Male Edge case in which the stretcher resides. What gives? They obviously find the idea of stretching to be distasteful (or, and more likely, they’re simply little fuckers).

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