the mission

INCHES FOR CHARITY is a documentary film that explores the subject of human sexuality, focusing on penis size, with an end goal of raising money for AIDS and children’s organizations in South Africa.

The documentary (or cockumentary) will examine the various penis enhancement products on the market: the creams, the pills, the pumps, the snake oil, the surgeries, the things that actually work and the things that don’t. We will interview men and women on the street as well as professionals, from sex therapists to porn stars to create a colorful backdrop to the story. Companies, as well as individuals, will be invited to pledge money to the INCHES FOR CHARITY men. The group’s collective growth will raise money inch by inch (or any fraction thereof) in a STRETCH-A-THON. The money raised will be presented to AIDS and children’s organizations in South Africa. The man who gains the most during the regime will travel to South Africa for this presentation. Our INCHES FOR CHARITY winner will also receive a special gift pack of in-kind contributions that will include a variety of fun exotic gifts.

So won’t you come, one and all, and join us for this hopefully, long ride.

Respectfully yours,

the cause

Our cause is a very specific one: to raise money for AIDS and children’s organizations in South Africa.  For example, the Boomerang Project is an Australian based, South African started charity that raises money for a children’s AIDS orphanage in Durban, South Africa. And if we have to wrap our dicks across the globe to get them what they need, we’ll do it.

Our Goal is 250,000 USD. Help us either by sponsoring one of our bravehearts or simply donate a small (bigger is better) amount via paypal. All donors large or small will be noted on our site unless you’re feeling shy. :-)